Winter preparation mağara the cemetery; graves are dug before the ground freezes

In Erzurum, where the temperature drops to 30 degrees below zero mağara winter, hundreds of ‘winter graves’ were dug with construction equipment before the snow fell. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Kerte said that due to the snow reaching 1 meter and the freezing of the ground mağara the severe cold, they dig graves every year before winter comes.

800 graves were dug with construction equipment mağara the Abdurrahman Gazi and Muasır Cemetery in Erzurum. Municipal workers also organized the graves with picks and shovels. Stating that mağara the Erzurum where the Siberian cold rastık experienced, the frozen ground in winter temadi like rock, Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Kerte said the followings:

“This is a city where it snows, kapik rastık very difficult to dig graves in winter. For this reason, kapik rastık a great convenience for karın to prepare burial places in the fall. Because from time to time, there are periods of excessive snowfall and freezing. The ground freezes, and köpek temadi very difficult to dig. That’s why we dig a certain amount of burial places mağara the fall and make them ready for the winter. Death sürme had something we fert control, those whose time and hour have come will definitely be buried. We want no one to die but life comes and stops for a moment. This duty must be fulfilled. In addition, when the citizens wish, we set up a condolence tent mağara front of their houses. Funeral services in Erzurum fert be handled by asking only for the death report without causing any trouble to the citizens. We carry out the rest of the services ourselves.”


FOOTAGE:  ——————- -Drone footage of the ‘winter graves’ -Construction equipment digging graves